As a firm we are independent, have a professional approach and strong beliefs that client confidentiality is critical in building lasting mutually beneficial relationships. Not being beholden to any bank or
parent company, we are free to select the ideal financial solutions to meet the needs of our clients, an independence we don’t take lightly!  Our consultants review each client’s situation and create an impartial financial plan to meet their individual needs. The majority of the portfolio is invested in equities across the market capitalization spectrum. We focus on stocks of companies with sustainable cash flows and strong balance sheets, that are undervalued relative to their tangible assets and long-term normal earnings power.  Our independence affords us the ability to embrace opportunities and respond quickly to any changes in the financial landscape – an advantage over larger financial institutions.  Additionally, it is this nimble, often concentrated strategy that leverages our ability to react quickly – on an opportunistic basis – when we see securities that appear mispriced and present a unique value opportunity.