ETFs/ exchange traded funds the evolution of investing

Exchange-Traded Funds let you easily expose your portfolio across a wide variety of asset classes, ranging from stocks to commodities and bonds, etc. ETFs resemble the diversification and low cost features of index funds, coupled with the liquidity and flexibility of individual stocks. We believe investors deserve access to ETFs that go beyond basic index investing.

We ensure that they are actively managed, track an intelligently designed index and encompass a range of other
investment strategies to find the best opportunity for you. Available through your investment advisor or broker, and with an active trading account.

Below is optional and depends on how far you want to go (This from Boom Securities in HK)

Search for Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

ETNs are unsecured debt obligations of the note issuers. Investors can gain exposure to new markets and
strategies which are hard to reach previously.

Global ETF Center

Global ETF Center allows you to search among varieties of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) around the world, including US, Asia and Europe and they are all available for trading through Victoria Capital Group.
The number of shares of CEFs is fixed at issuance. Usually CEFs are actively managed to meet specific investment

Benefit of trading ETFs

  • Diversification
  • ETFs provide a convenient approach to achieve diversification, letting investors gain access to one or more
    industries and markets.
  • Low Transaction Cost
  • Only brokerage commissions and fees applied which are much lower than expensive initial sales charges or redemption fees in mutual funds.
  • Flexibility
  • ETFs can be sold or bought in any time at any trading day.
  • Cost Effeciency
  • ETFs have relatively low annual expense ratios compared to other investment products like mutual funds.
    Holding Transparency
  • ETFs disclose the underlying holdings on a daily basis.