Conservative Income Portfolio

Sometimes, when it comes to your financial future, you want to play it safe. you have a lower risk tolerance approach to investing. We understand. You’re aiming to preserve your wealth, so this could well be the low volatility portfolio for which you’ve been looking. We have developed this conservative income portfolio with our investment managers to satisfy our more risk-adverse investors. Index mutual funds simply mimic a particular index, such as the S&P 500. 

They’re a great first step for investors and, for some, the only step. Alternatively, by investing 75% in fixed income exchange traded funds and 25% in equities this income portfolio works to preserve your money, while minimizing your exposure to market volatility.

Income portfolio

Minimal risk approach to investing .Ok, so perhaps you’re not a risk taker with your money, but you do want higher growth potential. This Low-Medium risk income portfolio invests 60% in fixed income exchange traded funds , the remaining 40% in equities – blending the potential for growth with an emphasis on steady income.

Balanced portfolio

A traditional long-term approach to investing. You’re looking for modest income together with some long term
growth from your portfolio. You?re wise enough to understand that this might mean weathering some fluctuation
and potential capital loss. The balanced portfolio, with an emphasis on growth, has the potential you need to help achieve your investment goals.

Growth Portfolio

A higher-risk approach to investing Your goals are long-term, You know that accepting a medium – to high amount of volatility and capital loss gives you the potential for long-term capital gains and a modest income. This growth portfolio is built with roughly 80% equity and/or ETF’s and 20% fixed-income ETFs, providing a moderately higher risk level with emphasis on long-term growth, so your money has a real chance to shine.

Aggressive Growth Portfolio

A long term approach to investing. You’re not intending to mess around. When it comes to investing, you’re as adventurous as they come. You can tolerate market fluctuations and moderate-to-large capital loss, in exchange for a real potential for long-term capital gains. The aggressive growth portfolio is comprised of 100% equities
and/or equity exchange traded funds , aiming to deliver maximum long-term growth potential for your money.

Tailored Portfolio

Tell us about your investment goals, how much and how long you want to invest and we’ll guide your investment portfolio towards it. If your portfolio has special requirements or significant restrictions, such as investing only in socially responsible assets, our investment and risk management expertise will attempt to match your needs precisely. Our service couldn’t get any more personal.

Low fees

We have a streamlined business model (no oak-panelled offices or exotic fish tanks and ferns in the reception area) that allows us to keep fees as low as they can possibly be.