Our manifesto

We pay attention to both the tangible and intangible aspects of family wealth. We have adopted a unique approach to managing your money. Immaterial of how much money you chose to invest (we know that your $2500 matters as much to you as $250,000 matters to someone else) we give both you – and your investment – the respect deserved.

Simply answer straightforward questions about your current financial circumstances and what you want to happen on your investment journey. We’ll match you with a portfolio that fits best with your current situation and goals – with an ever present eye on your future too. You then slip into remote mode and enjoy your life.

The investment climate has varied enormously over the past decade as economies teeter from recovery to recession and back again. Throughout we have steadfastly remained committed to exceed our clients’ investments and expectations and to manage their money to the highest possible standard.

You’ll find us here, working at growing your money. We won’t park it in a mutual fund and forget about it, only taking a glance at it once a quarter, then sending you an impressive looking pie graph once a year. We’re on it. All the time. You can call as often as you like, any time you want, to find out what we’ve been doing with it. Or we can keep it casual by sending you regular updates on your account. Bottom line? We want to run your investment portfolio the way you would do if you had the time, energy and perspicacity.