About Us

Your Goal is Financial Independence

Our goal is to help you get there! Through a spirit of innovation and excellence – by transforming off-shore investing services – with a focus on value – and by putting you first.

Our Vision

To be a Leading Off-shore Stockbroking Provider in Global Markets

Our manifesto

We have adopted a unique approach to
managing your money


At Victoria Capital Group we are managing and positioning the organisation for long term growth and sustainability

Creative platform

We pride ourselves on offering our clients the most creative, seamless trading platform there is off-shore. Originality is at the very core of our services. We’re constantly creating new ways to give you smarter trading tools and lower your costs – keeping your money where it belongs: in your account.

More assets, more opportunities

As a leader in off-shore investing, we know how important it is to always maintain transparency. Get an overview of the Victoria Capital Group organisation and dive deeper into our performance, philosophies and future goals below.

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